Connect Businesses

We connect businesses with opportunities to give products or services to charities, families, and those in need.

Connect Local Organizations

​We connect others to these worthy organizations and partner with agencies to improve the process of referral and assistance.

Leverage Social Media

​We use our social media outlets to share volunteer opportunities, needs and fundraiser events for local organizations service others.


Supporting Charities

We support charities through finding donations, volunteers, building space, event promotion, and more.

We fill the gaps where other charities can’t. We provide support for organizations and people who fall outside the average definition of needy, but still have a need. The single mom making just enough to keep her family afloat who needs a furnace. Instead of going into debt or getting in over her head Helping Hands Gifts can connect her with the resources she needs.

​Christmas Shop

​It all started with a Christmas Shop where families in need at Christmas time can shop for low or no cost gifts.

We also provide gifts and many free items including stocking stuffers, wrapping paper and winter outerwear items and more.

All the families we help have been referred to us by other agencies and organizations. Click here for a list of referring agencies.


Publicize Charitable Businesses

We inform the public about the good that businesses are doing in the community.

Publicize Organizations

​We provide a voice and a face for many local organizations who need support.

Share and Gather Donations

​We share what items we collect and after our annual event we donate our excess gifts, wrapping, etc to agencies helping others.


Helping Hands Gifts is honored to have helped the agencies below in 2017. We are excited to be helping even more agencies in 2018.  

Get Involved Today!


We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit supporting Southeast Michigan businesses, charities, and individuals. Your donations help us to continue our mission to link businesses and charities.


Do you have a fundraising idea? We can help you to make it happen. Through partnering with businesses and other community groups we host various fundraising activities throughout the year.


Helping Hands Gifts thanks the businesses who have generously donated products and services to help our programs succeed. For more information about the sponsorships we have available contact us.